BFREPA Membership and Events Manager


Job Description

Reporting to the Chief Executive, and liaising with the Ranger Editor/Sponsorship manager, Treasurer/Bookkeeper,  and PR consultant (Eve Communications), the Membership and Events Manager (the Manager) will be responsible for administering the Association’s membership and managing its Events. 



BFREPA has around 570 members, plus Associate and magazine subscribers. The successful applicant will respond to all telephone and email enquiries, issue invoices, record payments, and pursue late payments as required. The Manager will assist in recruiting new members and provide information packs . The Manager will ensure BFREPAs membership database and associated databases within the accounting systems are kept up to date, backed up and accurate at all times and ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. The Manager will also ensure documents & BFREPA website registration pages associated with membership recruitment are kept up to date.

In addition the Manager will administer the membership of the BFREPA Council, BFREPA’s governing body, by arranging the Annual General Meeting, drafting nominations for election, provide notice of the AGM, and the vote.  

The Manager will circulate the agendas and write and circulate minutes of the AGM, Council and Steering Committee meetings.



BFREPA hosts an Annual Conference, Trade Exhibition and Awards Dinner every year in September/October. The Manager will plan and coordinate the event with the venue and ForFarmers, the lead sponsor. This will include a wide variety of tasks such as organising quotations,  Conference speakers, menus, the programme , and checking final invoicing from the hotel for the dinner and conference. 

The Awards Dinner, held the evening before the Conference, will also require additional venue liaison for room & menu bookings and with dinner sponsors organising a host, invitations, dinner reservations,  event promotion, menus, table decorations  and seating plans to include Award winners and BFREPA guests.

The Awards process starts in the spring with the Manager seeking entries, facilitating judging with Council members, liaising with winners and losers, arranging the purchasing and engraving of awards, and liaising with AV team and winners to obtain photographs and appropriate copy for slides for the presentations.

The Manager will help organise the Egg Quality Awards and Trade Exhibitor judging during the Conference (working with a Council member).

The Manager will organise the BFREPA stand at the Pig and Poultry Fair (held once every two years). This will require a staffing rota & catering, liaising with the organisers, caterers and stand designers.



Closing Date

The closing date for applications is June 1st 2022.




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